Owhi Lake Day

For seventeen years, on one day in each May, Nespelem students have enjoyed the many workshops and outdoor activities arranged by Gary Martin, forester and silviculturist, for the Bureau of Indian Affairs at the Colville Conderated Tribes.

We wish to share the news and thank Gary and his crew of presenters who take the time to help Nespelem students learn about their local natural resources.


The \

Phil and Larry teach canoeing and people skills.

Fun and Learning from WSU-4H

What’s Happening?

Many activities occur at our school all the time.  For starters, we have had:

Run Walk Club with Mrs. Dickey and Miss White

Reading Room with Mrs. Douglas

Music and Band with Mrs. Long

Culture Class with Mr. Ives

Track with Mr. Erickson

Softball with Mr. Christianson

Wrestling and Basketball with Mr. Ives

IF you have any questions, please ask. We’d love to answer.